What the Hell Did I Just Read by David Wong


David is an unemployed collector of cursed objects. The savvy Amy is his sweet girlfriend who supports the household. And then there’s John, the apocalyptic friend. These are the characters- and the story, unreliably-Mach 8.

David and John do not know their way around night to five jobs. But they do know how to battle monsters and ghoulish evil. Amy is the grounded one on the team. They are the ones the cops calls when children go missing. And one does. Can these two find the child while fighting the darkness, armed with only an air cannon and a speaker wailing monster ballads? And without effing the whole thing up?

Having read this series backward might have been David’s favorite thing about this review. I realized I might have lost some nuances of the characters and situations. But this read was a laugh out loud, and slapstick heroes conquer monsters book.

The main protagonists are over the top ridiculous, yet they still retain a down to earth quality. They show soul and vulnerability about where they are in their lives. David’s ponderings made him an everyday guy trying to get by in the world and do right by Amy. And John, although fly off the seat of your pants kind-of-guy would like to have someone to share his life. The characters are just trying to keep up in a chaotically fast life. But enough of this, there is a little girl in the balance!

I read this original book slowly to savor all the interesting details. The story at large was very intriguing and well plotted. The narrative was humorous with punch-drunk dialogue but at times made you empathize with the heroes. The freaky shape-shifters imitating the characters made it challenging to determine who was who. The monsters will make you squeamish. Nothing is as they seem. And actual David, John, and Amy were tri-dimensional and kept me vested in the whirlwind narrative.

Love, love, love this crazy journey into …

Thank you, NetGalley, St. Martin’s Press and the author for this ARC in exchange for my honest review


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