Dark Matter by Blake Crouch


Jason drives. A physicist, beloved college professor, husband, and father is about to enter the unforeseen darkness and leave the only life he knows behind. Or does he?

Dark Matter starts off with a suspenseful opening, and this momentum is carried throughout the entire narrative. The writing is exquisite creating a dark atmosphere with scenes that you can touch, hear, feel, and taste. Your sense of time is lost and confounded. The plot is twisty, and I found myself at the end of a chapter wanting more. Alternating realities of Jason’s life spurs up many confounding and perplexing questions about life. Am I living the life I was meant to live? What if I chose path “A” over path “B.” What if you could choose the path not taken? The backbone of the story is based on Quantum Mechanics and its strange rules that allow the idea that we live in a “multiverse” made up of an infinite number of parallel universes and the concept of being the sum of all possible states – both dead and alive. These quantum rules facilitate the multiple settings Jason creates, explore and sometimes scrambles through. Some of these parallel cities are prehistoric and others futuristic but all happening at the same moment in time. In one of these parallels, can Jason secure the safety of any future and possibly find his way back to his family? Amazing and well executed-Highly recommend!




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