The Accident by S.D. Monaghan

3.5 Stars

The kiss between a man and women. David, standing in the dark has just witnessed the moment between his wife with her ex, Ryan. A stolen kiss at the door of their new home sends off a chain reaction of events that will change their landscape forever. Tara and Ryan part ways, leaving David seething in the dark. The accident occurs, and David, left in the wake of his anger, collapses under a blow to the face. Upon retaining his consciousness, he realizes that Ryan is no longer where he fell. And someone knows this.

The story comes out of the corner swinging like a wrestler upon hearing the bell. It sets an exciting stage to carry the rest of the story. The plot center’s around Ryan’s accidental death after a fight with David. Ryan’s body disappears and out of the woodwork comes a dealer, thugs, and an extortionist. David and Tara’s world turns upside down.

The plot began with an interesting scenario but unfortunately fell short at the end. The narrative told, by David’s and Tara’s alternating points of view revealed improbabilities right from the start. The writing, however, coupled with palpable characters piqued my interest to continue reading to see their story through. Loose ends were tied up towards the final chapters, but it left me feeling frenetic.

The main character David is rich with detail. Monaghan gets deep inside his mind. Interesting back stories provide clues to his complex personality. David is an undergraduate professor, and we see an intelligent man become undone. We see the dark side of a jilted man and his vacillation between love and hate for his wife.

Monahan’s writing is very poetic and enjoyable. A pen mark on a shirt is a “sartorial slur.” A pregnancy stick becomes “twin lines winking like candy stripes…the sweet harbingers of happiness.” The words flowed effortlessly off the page and made the reading worthwhile.

The Accident is a blend two stories. A marriage in crisis, and the cover up of murder involving shady dealings. If this were a character driven story, this would have been the perfect psychological drama about a husband and wife sorting through their ruins from an affair.

I recommend this book for a quick, entertaining read.

Thank you, NetGalley, Bookouture, and the author for this ARC in exchange for my honest review.shutterstock_64199689--tojpeg_1408098461475_x2

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