School For Psychics by KC Archer

Teddy can play poker. And she is in debt. She is desperate to get out of trouble. If she could just play one more time. But this last time at the Bellagio will come with more than she bargained for. Clint Corbett.

Teddy Cannon is a self-assured, witty, twentysomething, with special talents. She can read people. Her gut taught her to trust her instincts at an early age. Not just in the sense of non-verbal and social psychological cues, but in the sense that she knew what they were thinking. An unexpected meeting will Clint will change her future. He is a recruiter for the Whittmore Institue, a school for Law Enforcement Training and Development who will use their talents to secure the future of the nation.

The narrative hinges around a 24-year old that is navigating her way through her extraordinary psychic abilities at a special college. As she hones in on her telepathic ability, she forges out great friendships with the other first years. Her classmates are all unique with distinct personalities and abilities. Two groups emerge from the first year. The Misfits, Teddy’s group and the Alphas with extraordinary abilities. Her group the Misfits and the Alphas are pitted in a competition which fuels the rivalry of the teams. However, it is Teddy who puts herself in grave danger when she discovers she can see into other’s past and uncovers information about her deceased parents. She has a target on her back and she is not sure who she can trust.

The School For Psychics moves at a steady pace and has an interesting storyline. The novel flows easily and effortlessly and it was easy to get lost in the story. I enjoyed the journey in a psychics world – and the author played the abilities out with realism. The recurring dream was also an interesting way to discover Teddy’s backstory. One criticism of the novel is that the dialogue at times seemed to be younger than the characters age. If the heroine of the story was 18 years old, I think that the story would have jived better. The story is plot driven and not overly poetic. However, this is a seriously fun story that may be the start of an entertaining series.

Thank you, NetGalley, Simon and Schuster, and KC Archer for the ARC in exchange for my honest review.Unknown


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