Bring Me Back by B.A. Paris

B.A. Paris has yet again crafted another hair-raising psychological twister.

Finn is a successful self-made businessman living outside of London with his loving partner Ellen. It has taken Finn time to come to terms with his fiancee’s disappearance over 12 years ago.  Layla Gray vanished while on a vacation in France. He had just parked the car at a rest stop and when returning to the vehicle she was no where to be found. After a long interview with the French police and an intense search for his beloved, Finn tries to piece back his life again After Layla. His Layla, the nineteen years old girl he rescued one night in a London pub. Layla whose sister is Ellen. And, Layla whom is his every obsession.

“There was no truth in this, but I needed the police and everyone else to believe that everything had been perfect between us…”

Strange events start to happen, suggestive that  Layla is alive. Sightings of the beautiful redhead, the appearance of a missing Russian doll statue, mysterious phone calls, and strange emails give Ellen and Finn hope that she will appear after being lost for 12 years.

“And now I have.”

Disquieting messages from Layla bombard Finn’s email. Suddenly, all is in question- his life with his soon to be bride Ellen,  his love for Layla, and the loyalty of the people around him. But is all of this is all a sinister joke?

“Tell Ellen, or I will.”.

Bring Me Back is written in three parts is told in alternating timelines, Before Layla, and After Layla and from two different points of view. In the Before, we get the backstory of Finn’s and Layla’s courtship. Finn’s voice is haunting as he recalls the events leading up to the disappearance of his fiancee. It almost seems like he is talking to her ghost. In the After, we see his life with Ellen and all the strange things that follow.  The drama brilliantly unfolds in part two and three, revealing of secrets of the last twelve years and unhinging everyone involved. And it is unclear who is manipulating whom.

B.A. Paris is a master of psychological illusion and suspense. Bring Me Back is extremely well written with an interesting sophisticated plot laid out in a way that generates binge-worthy tension.

“And then she spoiled everything.”

Thank you Netgalley, St. Martin’s Press, and B.A. Paris for the ARC in exchange for my honest review.7516787936_IMG_2262


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