In Between by M.A. Fernandez

Rachel Scott lives in New York City with her fiance Ethan, a new doctor with a relentless call schedule. Being high school sweethearts it was inevitable that Rachel and Ethan would soon become engaged. However soon after moving in together, day to day life begins to whittle on their foundation. And loneliness will create a crack that may disrupt the couple’s lives permanently.

The story is told initially by Rachel. She describes her dilemma, of being caught in the “In Between.” The story starts 6 months previously, and Rachel provides us with the background for her life choices. It will be one fateful day at the office that will challenge everything she conceives about relationships. Tom, the new office partner will awaken a passion, something that is missing in Rachel’s life.

In Between is a tale of love, passion, and loyalty. It bears out many questions about the frailty of love. Can you fall in love with two people at once? And does the human soul have the capacity to truly love, forgive and forget? The story moves fast and is well paced. The dialogue between the characters is flawless, allowing sentiments to unfold with ease. The storyline is gripping and real, but at its climax, the story truly begins.

Even though I read the novel compulsively, aspects of the narrative were problematic. As with purely plot-driven narratives, the story unveiled itself without allowing the reader to engage with the characters. In Between fed me details without allowing my mind to wander. Sometimes that is where the magic lies. And when tragedy strikes, it is relentless and almost unbelievable.

In Between is a very entertaining story which deals with an emotional human phenomenon. With a polishing of the plot and characters, In Between can be exceptional. I look forward to future writings from Ms. Fernandez.

Thank you, M.A. Fernandez, for a copy of In Between in exchange for my honest review.


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